blake zealear

Blake Zealear

Empowerment coach, relationship engineer & sacred sexuality practitioner

Blake Zealear

Empowerment coach, relationship engineer & sacred sexuality practitioner

reclaim your sacred self

Find the freedom, joy, and pleasure in life, love and yourself. 

Truly connect to your own sacredness. Rise up feeling empowered, passionate, and deeply connected to who you truly are and what you truly want. 

Pleasure and joy are found when self-love and healing happen

live a life of full, authentic expression

lean into your own happiness

experience each moment with loving intention

reclaim a zeal for life

reclaim pleasure with intimacy

Reclaim passion with intention

Reclaim power with integration

embrace love as a driving force for change

my mission is simple

to support you in reclaiming your truth and discovering what turns you on without fear, shame, or guilt

in short, to reveal your purpose, your passion, and your pleasure

Hey! I'm blake

The first thing you need to know about me is that I am passionately turned on about life, grateful for existence and believe that love is our path to empowerment and purpose.

Just like you, I have had to navigate many major life transitions. I have reinvented myself multiple times from buttoned-up corporate jobs to following my dreams, addiction to thriving, wounds to superpowers.

Every single step of the way, I pulled back another layer and realized more fully exactly how my wounds and conditioning were driving me, and I decided to take the wheel back.


As a Certified Sex Educator, Empowerment Coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner: I hear you and see you, just as you are – holding space for the magic within you to be fully realized.

The greatest gift we can give another is to help them feel understood and witnessed – I’ll do that for you. Always.

Want more of my resumé?

  • I’m a dork for aliens and regularly nod off to space vids on YouTube
  • My food obsession has to be salsa and tortilla chips (salty, crunchy triangles of pure goodness!)
  • My embodiment practices also include pedicures, singing and dancing, wearing skirts, backpacking, and shamanic tattooing​
  • I believe in open loving relationships where everyone is seen, heard and valued to their fullest​

Featured in



Join us at The Creek Haus in Dripping Springs, Texas for six days and five nights of personal growth and healing. Together we will take on the modalities of…

  •  Nervous System Deprogramming Tools
  • Trauma Release
  • Sound Healing (Tuning Forks)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Somatic Release Tools
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Role Play
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Conscious Communication
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Group Process

Nestled among ancient redwoods and just an hour’s drive from San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, together we’ll explore the depths of what it means to be a man in today’s society, truly examine our relationships with a focus on emotional intelligence, discover what we truly need and how we create it.

empowerment coaching

embrace the power of love to create the life of your dreams

Relationship. intimacy. sexuality.

Our relationship to anything or anyone can be engineered.

Intimacy is the key – intimacy with self, intimacy with others.

The truth is, that sexual desire is your life force energy. When we feel it, want it, crave it, have it… we increase our overall power and fulfillment with life.

To manifest what we desire, we must engage in making love to life and channelling our sexual energy into our creativity and expression.

When sexual desire is not flowing, for any reason, we feel drained, unhinged, frustrated, lonely or ashamed.

After working with hundreds of individuals, couples and moresomes as a Coach and Guide, it is never lost on me that every single one of us has shame, fear, guilt, and frustration blocking our pleasure and happiness.

Whether you love your sex life or loathe it – there is massive potential for healing available throughout our intimate lives – sexuality, relationship, intimacy… pleasure.

It’s time to get to the root of your desire, unlock your Eros, and truly fall in love with life (again, and again, and again).

Empowerment coaching is for those who

Past clients have experienced

If you’re ready to truly heal…
you’re ready to find freedom, love and sovereignty.

re/MEN/ber Brotherhood Journey

immersive 5-day men-only retreat AND a 3-month integration journey (so that you put into practice what you learn, brother!)

Calling all MEN seeking community, empowerment and transformation

re/MEN/ber Brotherhood is a series of highly impactful men-only group trainings focused on awakening the empowered conscious Masculine inside you.

If you’ve struggled with connection, relationships and bonding, re/MEN/ber Brotherhood is just for you.

Together we’ll explore the depths of what it means to be a man in today’s society, truly examine our relationships with a focus on emotional intelligence, discover what we truly need and how we create it.

Turn your pain into power, brother!

We’ll integrate core wounds, chart a path for freedom, and develop deep brotherhood bonds. It’s time to inspire a magnificent future and rise together!

Open love

sacred spaces. sacred love. Couples. threesome. poly moresomes.

However you choose to embrace love - we’re here for it.

Explore the boundaries and conditions you’ve been taught about love and relationships while recognizing that they may not be right for you or your partner(s).

Deep dive into your very own biological codes and create an Open Love of your own

Reclaim your sacredness, your sexuality, your desires.

Cultivate connection while exploring self-love, intimate relationships and freedom. 

This program is essential for anyone...

Extraordinary lovers experience

Shake off the ordinary & discover
the extraordinary in your relationship

Freedom, passion and pleasure are your birthrite and guideposts to living an extraordinary love life.

But… sometimes they wane, fade or even disappear (for a time!).

What if I told you, they didn’t have to?

What if I told you, that extraordinary lovers invest in their relationship by continuing to go deep long after the newness of love fades?

Would you invest in extraordinary love?

By becoming an Extraordinary Lover?

Extraordinary lovers is perfect for the couple who...

If your relationship vision hasn’t matched its reality (and you want it back or to make it even stronger)

Extraordinary Lovers is the countdown to a passionate

Sacred Touch

deeply integrative, holistic, gender-inclusive
path to sexual healing and embodiment

Our bodies truly keep the score of every experience we’ve ever had (even across multiple timelines and generations).

If you've ever...

Sacred Touch may be for you.

Our intention is to help you release what has held you back in your life by releasing the stored cellular memories inside each of us.

Using touch and coaching, we intimately release emotions and stored trauma from the body. This is a holistic sex-positive shamanic experience.

All facilitators of Sacred Touch are ISTA Practitioner Training Graduates.

If you're looking to

I welcome you to a safe space to explore, create and redefine sacred sexuality for yourself.

Let's get in touch